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The Petrocollapse Conference

As oil prices rise and crude oil supplies and refined products strain to keep up with demand, as Hurricane Katrina wreaks havoc on the production infrastructure as well as on a devastated population, the isse of Peak Oil is finally becoming acknowledged in the mainstream news.
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Utah Rave Raided by Police

There was a big jungle/dnb party in Salt Lake City, Utah this weekend that got raided with guys in combat fatigues. They used tazers, attack dogs, physical violence, tear gas, everything. People had AK-47s pressed to their heads. The promoters had gone out of their way to do this party legit with permits, fees, security staff, drug searches, etcetera, but none of that mattered.
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Czech freetekno party ended by police assault

In an series of hostile and irrational actions the Czech police ended the Czechtek 2005 freetekno festival. UPDATE: one person died!
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Big Media Interlocks with Corporate America

A singular monolithic top-down power structure of self-interested news giants
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Impeachment Fever and Media Politics

Building a case against the president is not as crazy as it sounds

If you think President Bush should be impeached, it’s time to get serious.
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Poverty Is A Weapon Of Mass Destruction

A UN human rights expert sharply condemned the invasion of Iraq and the global anti-terror drive, accusing the US-led coalition of using food deprivation as a military tactic and of sapping efforts to fight hunger in the world.
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MASHUP3::::Kläng Kläng v4.0 12″

Better late than never!…And especially now that we are working on MASHUP#4 he he…D’oh! :)

Some of the links under the track listing have short samples attached to them so check them out if you wish. cheers.
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We’re all paranoid

Sure, the people with the 9/11 conspiracy theories are a little odd. But not everything they’re saying is entirely crazy. >> By Steven T. Jones / S.F. Bay Guardian
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SickMODE Networks is back on-line at our new address,
+NEW Contra/k5k/CelebrityDead/av3rs1on releases!!!
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THE FAA KNEW! – But were they set up?

A recently declassified document reveals the FAA was warned about hijacking threats prior to 9/11. If the FAA was warned, who warned them?
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