Hagbard Celine, Worlds Ab-art


It’s time to tell my „widerstand“ story, happend in times before twitter, e-mail, facebook and all that shit. I started with electronic music in 1994, mainly influenced by techno, punk and gabber. But everything turned out as noisy, wired crap, but it was a lot of fun. Then seeing Patric Catani (Ec8or) destroying an Amiga500, while supporting an Atari Teenage Riot Show in 1995, made me selfconfident enough to release the first stuff on tapes and also the noise of close friends and naming the whole badroom tape conspiracy „Trash Tapes“. In 1996 I played the first shows and started to spin records, I think the first ever gig was in a city called Bernburg in dark and dirty East-Germany. Also in 1996, I got my greedy hands on „Widerstand Records 001“ – got it from Soundbase Music in Leipzig. I remember sitting at my parents house listening to that record and think: „Was zum Teufel ist das???“ (Whats the hell is this). This record was noisy, bad produced, digital distorted, nonconstant and full of hate for human society. This record sounded exactly like inside my head – couldn’t stand it, but also couldn’t change it (the head) and I thought, those people must be badass motherfuckers (haha austrians). So I stalked the labels activities! In 1997 I felt like, wanna making a record, but had no clue how and I thought, the word „Widerstand“ is in the center of my work, so I want it also on my potential vinyl centerlabel and „Widerstand Records“ was the place reflecting this the best. So I really wrote a letter and recorded a tape demo (had no cd-r burner in 1997) and send it to Graz. Some weeks later I was really happy reading Dan’s answer. We talked and managed a first gig in Austria in 1998, (bty the way, I was accompanied by DJ Inapt (later Rest Room Records) who was going to school with me back in that time.). After this, everything developed quite fast and in late 1998 Dan send me the test pressing of “Wer Sich Wehrt Ist Lebendig” I loved it very much, but was not happy with the mastering, that was my own fault, today we would call it a very dynamic production hahaha. In 1999 we made a follow up release under my moniker „Worlds Ab-Art“ on Silent Revolution Records, the 7inch offshot of Widerstand Records and this one is still in my record case when I’m spinnig records from time to time. So, thankz Dan for everything!!! Also for my very first, still in use e-mail adress (alexdee at widerstand dot org), in times (1999) when I even had no internet connection myself.

Alexander Dreyhaupt aka alexdee aka Wolds Ab-art
April 2013

Releases on Widerstand Records:

WS07 Widerstand 07 – ALEX DEE – Wer sich wehrt ist lebendig (1998)



Widerstand 07 – ALEX DEE – Wer sich wehrt ist lebendig (1998)



Vinyl, 12″


A1 Nur Fur Euch 0:53
A2 Chaos, Randale, Radikale Musik 3:48
A3 Morgen Wirds Besser, Vielleicht Aber Auch Nicht (Part 2) 7:22
B1 A Little Gift 2:25
B2 Morgen Wirds Besser…. (Part 1) 2:33
B3 In Einer Welt Voll Scheisse Und So…