The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

very interesting interview with famous journalist Greg Palast on – check it out! very recommended!

New Stories They Don’t Want You to Hear

The Guerrilla of the Year is back.

Did George W. offer a South American politician a bribe on Enron’s behalf? Did the World Bank cause Argentina’s current meltdown? Was the Venezuelan coup in the works for months? What happened when CNN invited Palast to debate the World Bank president?

In a follow-up to GNN’s most popular CoIntel interview ever, the BBC’s and Guardian newspapers’ Greg Palast talks with GNN Executive Editor Anthony Lappé about his new book “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.“

The self-described “Michael Moore without the chicken suit” sheds new light on the Bush election theft, reads from the World Bank”s secret files, talks about how he was writing about Enron’s dirty dealings years before the current crisis and gives us an update on his never-ending battles with the journalism establishment.

“They may be applauding the streets,” says Palast. “But the people in the newsroom go ‘Huh, oh, every time Greg Palast walks into the newsroom it’s another ten grand in legal bills.’”

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