Idroscalo Dischi – News

Italian Label Idroscalo Dischi releases its 2nd 12inch by Fire At Work/Anticracy

information on Idroscalo Dischi 02:

very unusual sleeve, extremely limited edition (less than 500)

fire at work and anticracy are currently working (among others..) on a remix album for THE UNDERTAKERS (excelllent italian grind metal band…)

both acts are searching for live dates, promoters (or whatever)

get in touch:

Release Party in Rome:


at ‘ex bocciodromo’

Via di monte testaccio 23


door opening at 23.30, till 9.00 in the morning

breakcore-dark industrial-d’n’b-(NO tribetekno)! featuring…..

live acts:

anticracy—fire at work—annabolena—d’arcangelo—

dj sets:

karte—fourischema crew—more tba

physical performances (strange stuff really …gotta see it!) by lius corporation

the whole event is one of the MUSIC TECHNOLOGY series (past parties were with IF, deluca, darcangelo, ecc….)

check out the Idroscalo Website: